Do You Have Weak Vocal Chords?

Do you want to strengthen your weak vocal chords, so you can become an amazing singer? Well... keep reading. You're in for a few pleasant surprises...

Lot's of people incorrectly believe that vocal chords are muscles. They think that they are no good at singing because they have weak vocal chords. This is simply not true.

There is a reason why you might believe this. Most singing teachers don't clearly tell, and show you how the singing process physically works.

Let me clarify this issue for you. Your vocal chords are actually soft tissue. Yes, that's right! They are not muscles at all!

So when you say you have weak vocal chords, really you mean that the muscles that control the chords are weak.

As you can see, it's impossible to have weak vocal chords!

Let's take this one step further...

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Why Are Your Vocal Chords So Inefficient?

Vocal coach explains about how to strengthen your weak vocal chords

First of all. What if I told you that the muscles that control your vocal chords may be weak for a reason? What If I said that you are activating certain muscles that are preventing your correct singing muscles from developing.

This is very common. In fact, the majority of singers do this.

You see, the muscles that directly coordinate the closure of your vocal chords, are the inner muscles of the larynx. Then, surrounding these muscles are the outer muscles of the larynx.

The outer muscles of the larynx are the muscles you use to swallow. And they do a great job when you're eating food!

But when it comes to singing, they can cause harm to your voice, and stop you from ever becoming the singer you want to be.

Here's what you must do to correct this problem.

Train Your Correct Singing Muscles And Your Voice Will Improve Dramatically

You need to isolate your correct singing muscles, your 'inner' larynx muscles. You need to do exercises that focus entirely on developing these muscles. And when you do this, you must ALSO relax those troublesome outer muscles of the larynx.

Sound complicated? I assure you... It's absolutely NOT! There are exercises that have already been invented that do EXACTLY this. They hone right in on those inner muscles. These inner muscles can control your vocal chords with amazing efficiency. But only if you allow them too...

These exercises are called speech level singing exercises. And they force you...

Yes. They actually force you to...

Completely Relax Your Swallowing Muscles

These swallowing muscles, if engaged, will destroy your tone quality and drastically limit your vocal range.

Not to mention, they will also give you a sore throat!

Speech level singing exercises will hone right in, with precision accuracy, on the INNER larynx muscles. These muscles, when properly trained, will turn you into an amazing vocalist.

The exercises build up these muscles. Build them up strong. Until you are doing things with your voice that you never thought possible!

It's actually not uncommon for speech level singing students to EASILY put an extra octave onto their range. This is how efficient these inner muscles of the larynx are!

Your Vocal Range Will Increase

When you begin using ONLY your inner larynx muscles, you will begin to find new muscle coordination’s that will propel you into your upper vocal registers. This is how high notes are found.

Not by straining your voice. But by developing the inner muscles of the larynx to form these new coordination’s, shortening, and allowing you to EASILY hit high notes.

So use the speech level singing exercises to improve your vocal range (dramatically). Your vocal tone quality will become rich and thick. You will discover your MIX, which is not the topic of this article, but is VITALLY important to master your voice.

Weak vocal chords? No such thing!

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