Can Online Singing Lessons Help You Develop A Voice With A Large Range And Sweet Tone?

... I used to wonder, can online singing lessons help you to develop a voice with range, tone and style?

It can be depressing when you try so hard to develop a really great singing voice.

You practice vocal exercises over and over again, deserving results for your efforts, but receiving none.

The barrier between an average singer and a good singer seems to be too hard to bridge, and giving up seems to be more of an option then ever.

You turn online for answers, and find a lot of slick marketing and bold claims...

"Become a singing star in 30 days!"

"Increase your vocal range in minutes!"

The pulse quickens... You close your eyes and visualize yourself standing in front of thousands, leaving them breathless and wanting more of your amazing voice...

But more overpowering than the excitement, is skepticism and doubt.

Can these online singing lessons really do what they claim? Or is this just a scam designed to suck the money out of your wallet?

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You're Not Alone...

I went through this exact situation. At the time, my voice was in really bad shape, overcome by many bad habits. It was my last option before giving up singing completely. I got on the net and researched for hours, and hours.

There were so many online singing lessons to choose from. I'm not going to lie, I was completely overwhelmed.

Immediately I realized I was going to have to part with some money to find out whether any of these programs were useful.

So I bit my tongue, pulled out the credit card, and began to trial every online singing lesson I could get my hands on...

The Absolute Best Way To Learn How To Sing

There is no doubting it, that the best way to sing, it to get an expert instructor to evaluate your voice personally, and guide you through the singing techniques and process.

The key thing here, is he/she must be an expert, who has the ability to reveal every ounce of potential in your voice. There is no quicker and more effective way to learn.

The Big Problem

Unfortunately, there are hardly any singing tutors that reach this expert status. Most singing teachers are very good singers themselves, but have never had any problems with their singing.

This makes it almost impossible for them to teach someone who is struggling with their voice, to find the correct singing technique. I went through many vocal instructors, all of which could not really help me improve my voice to the level that I wanted.

If you're wondering if your teacher qualifies as an expert instructor, ask yourself the following questions.

  • Has he/she trained you to sing with a large vocal range? ( over three octaves)
  • Does your vocal coach teach methods that allow you to hit notes easily, no matter what part of your range you are singing in?
  • Do you have to reach, or strain to sing high notes?
  • Has your instructor taught you to sing with great tonality, which is consistent through your entire range?
  • Do you regularly improve? (eg, discover new high notes, sing with increased freedom)
  • Has your singing teacher taught you to sing with freedom?

Who Would You Rather Learn From?

To learn from a leading expert can be priceless. When I want to learn something, I will always try and find the leading expert in the field, and learn the tricks that make them so successful

Whether this means paying for a consultation, buying a book or DVD, I've found that it is far more efficient to seek out that individual who has incredible success. Even if it means parting with some hard earned money.

Take for example, if you wanted to learn how to play golf, would you prefer to consult the local instructor?

OR would you like to spend three hours with Tiger Woods showing you his secrets on a DVD?

The great thing about the internet is it gives you access to people and places that would be impossible if the net didn't exist.

This applies to some of the online singing lessons that are available. Compiled by some of the leading experts in the field, you can learn exactly how the voice is supposed to function.

Take for example, the inventor of the famous speech level singing technique, singing extraordinaire, Seth Riggs.

It's undisputed that he's one of the greatest singing instructors of all time. With names like Michael Jackson, and Madonna on his long, prestigious client list, virtually no other instructor can boast a more impressive record.

To have a singing lesson with Seth, it would mean paying hundreds of dollars for a half an hour slot, and would also mean sitting on a waiting list for months, maybe even years.

But thanks to the internet, we can still have access to Seth's amazing teaching ability through online singing lessons, "Singing for the Stars". This type of access to somebody of Seth's stature is absolutely priceless.


I wholeheartedly recommend Seth's Singing for the Stars program. It is a must have. I must mention though, there is a much more comprehensive singing program that has been designed to teach a variation of Seth's methods. It is the Singing Made Simple program designed by the highly acclaimed Roger Burnley, who is a world class vocal music teacher in his own right.

This is the biggest reason why some online singing lessons are a must have for any singer. They have been designed by the best of the best... Teachers who would be impossible to reach in person, because they are so in demand!

This is a major benefit of Roger's online singing lessons, and ought to be investigated by anyone interested in becoming the master of their voice.

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