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Read on for some free vocal training. Ideas and concepts that have helped me achieve a singing voice I never thought I could ever have.

You see, I struggled for years with my voice... I bounced from teacher to teacher with no success. And when I finally DID discover how to succeed with my voice, I noticed a very strange thing!

The technique that absolutely transformed my voice was the speech level singing method. This method, as it sounds, teaches you how to sing with the same ease as when you talk. Singing isn't exactly talking on pitch, but it is similar. Your vocal chords, as when you're talking, hold together no matter what note you are singing. Whether it is your highest or lowest note.

In past techniques that I have studied, my vocal chords always 'broke apart', forming what's known as 'the break'.

The break is the part in your voice where the chords are as tight as they can possible be... they cannot vibrate any faster. So instead, they burst apart, and you lose all your tone quality.

You 'break' into falsetto and all of a sudden, your voice lacks power.

How To Get Past The Dreaded 'Break'

As speech level singing taught me, it is possible to erase this break entirely. So much so, that a listener won't even notice when you pass through this area in your voice.

It's like having different gears. You reach the 'breaking point', but instead of breaking, you move up a gear, and continue to sing higher.

This 'changing of gears' as I have called it is the point where your vocal chords form a new muscle coordination. This is called a 'shortened' vocal chord.

Meaning, a section of your vocal chord 'closes'.

This 'section' that is now closed, stops vibrating.

The part of the chords that is still vibrating is now shorter. This means it's easier for this shortened section to vibrate faster, making it MUCH easier to hit higher notes.

The Exercises Are Easy

The speech level singing exercises are easy. They are sounds that everyone can make. But there is genius behind them. There are powerful reasons behind the seemingly strange exercises.

They have the function of automatically zipping up your vocal chords (shortening the chords), as you sing higher. Therefore, completely eliminating the break!

And as the name implies, singing becomes as easy as talking.

The exercises take tension off the voice. They dis-engage the tension causing muscles. The ones that are designed for swallowing.

You see, lot's of singing techniques actually encourage these tension causing muscles to become involved in the singing process. This is bad news! They choke the voice, and you can never sing in your full range, or with your best tone quality.

When I began learning speech level singing exercises, I actually added an octave to my range, almost immediately. And if I can do it, I believe anyone can.

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