Vocal Strain, And Performing Tips

My biggest struggle is putting to much strain on my voice when i sing and having pure vibrato. I also want to get rid of my fears when i sing. This makes my voice shake like crazy.

From The Editor:

Some great questions here. First of all, putting strain on the voice when singing is a very common issue.

What you're feeling here is your swallowing muscles are interfering in the singing process.

There are exercises you can do that will help you remove the strain from your voice, which will make singing easier, as well as give you more control over your vibrato.

Check the videos on this website to see how to sing with less strain.

Just quickly, one trick you can use to remove strain is think that you're singing "down into the note". This will help you sing without reaching for your higher notes, which will remove some of the strain almost instantly.

Now, you also mentioned that you were having problems with being fearful of singing.

You'll be glad to know this is very normal, and happens in just about every performer.

The best thing you can do to help with this is to not be fearful of the fear, if that makes any sense!

Instead, just realize it's very normal to have some anxiety about performing, and embrace these nerves instead of trying to run from them.

If you embrace them, you will find that it won't take you long on stage to feel more comfortable, and many of these fears and nerves will transform into excitement.

Of course, continuing to work on your voice is always going to help you perform as the confidence you feel when your voice is functioning well will certainly help you deal with nerves.

Enjoy your singing!

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