A Few Tips And Vocal Exercises For Choirs

Need vocal exercises for choirs? Read on and discover some tips and tricks to get a beautiful, angelic tone quality...

To sing perfectly in a choir…

You need a pure angelic tone. You need tone control. You may even need a large vocal range.

In this style of singing you need particularly good control over the way you sing through your vocal registers. You need to be able to sing smoothly from your lower ranges to your highest note. You also need to be able to sing in a light, but connected tone up the top of your range.

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Whoa! Back up a little! How can you do all of this?

There are vocal exercises for choirs that will condition your voice so it functions in this way.

Before I tell you which exercises will cause this result for you though, let’s first have a look at how your voice works when you are singing choir songs.

Vocal exercises for getting get a beautiful, angelic tone quality

Firstly… how can you get that pure angelic tone that sounds completely heavenly?

Let’s shine some light on this. The answer lies in the way that you color your tone with your resonance.

When you sing, your sound moves up through your throat… your mouth… and your nasal cavity.

The way in which this happens, causes the tone quality that you hear. You can think of these three cavities like tone controls. Your throat and mouth contain the power and depth. While your head resonance controls the sweetness and rich quality in your tone.

To sing in a choir situation, you must learn to sing with more head resonance which will give you that sweet, angelic tone that you’re after.

Here’s a tip for doing this: To see what it feels like to use more head resonance, try this little exercise. Take a CD out of your song collection, and sing a song all the way through. But instead of singing the words, use an “Ooooouuuuu” sound.

What does this do?

It automatically redirects your tone so more sound resonates in your head cavity. This will cause your voice to have a sweet, angelic tone quality… vital to singing in a choir situation!

Another vocal exercise for choirs

Another vocal exercises for choirs is to use a “cry like tone”. Sing a song that you enjoy, and for every new note, add a “cry” like quality. Really milk it! Sing it almost as if you were crying and singing at the same time.

You will find that this vocal exercise for choirs will add an extra “sweetness” to your voice. It will also remove tension and make singing feel much easier.

It may sound a little ridiculous singing in this way! Once you have mastered it though, you can “back off” the cry like quality, bringing it back to a more subtle level. You will find that even though you’ve backed off, you still get the bonus of a sweeter, easier tone production.

If you want to really master your singing...

To really master your singing, be sure to investigate the exercises in this free home study singing course.

Before using these exercises, my voice was in tatters. I suffered from terrible technique, singing was a massive struggle, and my tone sounded utterly awful!

These vocal exercises for choirs really changed it around for me though. They imprinted new, correct vocal technique into my voice. And as I continued to practice these highly effective exercises, things sounded better and better. After a year of practicing, I had completely dropped all signs of bad technique, and had developed a voice that has my peers both amazed and even a little jealous!

The teacher of this program, Brett Manning is a guy who really lives his method. These exercises and methodology have been hard earned and we are fortunate that we can just step in and inherit the fruits of all his effort and experimentation!

This is a guy who works with singers 12 hours a day. Many of these singers are pros at the top of their game. And they trust Brett and only Brett to take them through their paces and develop their voices further. When you get to his website, watch some of the videos to meet some of these singers.

If you want to truly master your choir voice, I highly recommend investigating the vocal exercises for choirs on this page.

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