How To Solve Tone Problems In Singing

Do you have tone problems in singing?

Does your tone sound mushy, or nasally? Or does your tone become “forced” and “impure” when you attempt to sing your higher notes?

Or maybe just doesn’t sound the way that you want your voice to sound?

How can you correct this problem?

Tone problems in singing can be caused by many things. But the thing that has the most impact on your tone, is your swallowing muscles relaxing as you sing.

Your swallowing muscles (located next to your larynx) can cause big problems in the singing process. They get in the way of your tone being produced by choking up your voice.

When you are singing correctly, these swallowing muscles will sit still while the muscles inside your larynx handle all the vocal chord coordination’s.

Being able to relax these swallowing muscles is the first step towards having glorious tone.

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Why Do These Swallowing Muscles Cause Tone Problems?

Try this for me.

Firstly, say this sentence in a very dopey tone.

“I want to sing with better tone thereby erasing all my tone problems in singing”

As you do this, notice how rich your voice sounds when you use this dopey voice. The reason for this richness, is you are using your swallowing muscles to gently pull your larynx downwards. This lengthens the space that your sounds waves bounce around in and become amplified, which gives your voice the rich character.

Now, this next step will surprise you.

For this step you need to use the most nasal voice you can muster.

Got it?

Great. Now, I only want you to do this once, because this part of the exercise actually encourages bad vocal technique. I just want you to see how big an impact your swallowing muscles are having on your singing.

Ok, sing “AHHHHHHHH” on your highest note. And once you are there, try and force it up to the next note. (Just do it for a second, and then stop)

Can you feel how tight things get in your throat? And also, listen to how your tone becomes very “forced” and “unpleasant sounding”. Quite frankly, when you do this exercise, your tone quality sucks!

The reason it sounds like this, is your swallowing muscles are forcing your larynx upwards, thereby decreasing the space in which your tone becomes amplified in.

Just think about this for a moment

If you were to sing in a large hall with wonderful acoustics, it would sound 1000 times better than singing in your closet, right?

Well, your throat, and the spaces above them (your mouth and head cavities) are like your personal acoustic cavities. The quality of your tone depends on how you use these acoustic cavities.

In the exercise we just did, you saw how increasing the acoustic chamber by using the dopey tone actually made your tone thicker and richer (in may have sounded a little strange, but we’ll get to that).

Also, straining to hit a note that you can’t hit easily decreased the size of the acoustic chamber by forcing your larynx upwards. This made your tone much less desirable than the sound that the dopey tone produced.

The Key To Erasing All Your Tone Problems In Singing

You now know that your swallowing muscles have a big impact on your tone quality.

So with this knowledge, what’s the key to erasing all your tone problems?

The answer is: to train your swallowing muscles to “let go” when you sing.

This gives you complete freedom to sing any note, without having to strain or reach. And it also keeps your tone perfectly balanced and sweet.

It will also allow you to sing for hours, with perfect tone, and no strain at all. Can you imagine performing a two hour set and feeling like you could keep going at the end of it?

These are the types of benefits you can get from “releasing” your voice from your swallowing muscles when you sing.

So how do you allow these muscles to "let go", thereby erasing all your tone problems in singing?

Well, there’s only one way you can. You need to practice exercises that “re-program” your voice to function without the use of these troublesome muscles.

There are special exercises that you can get that train your voice to let go of the tension that your swallowing muscles cause, that will release your voice and allow it to produce it’s best tone.

You can get an outstanding course that will take you by the hand and lead you through this process by clicking here.

This course not only focuses on erasing all your tone problems in singing, it also teaches you how to increase your vocal range dramatically, how to sing with consistency, how to get your vibrato spinning, and much more.

Out of all the vocal training I’ve come across (lot’s) nothing comes close to the content in this course. It’s an absolute must have for anyone who is serious about their singing.

If you are interested, go to this page by clicking here, and erase all your tone problems in singing.

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