How To Achieve Maximum Results From The "Singing Success" Program

Read on to discover how to squeeze the most out of the singing success vocal program

Congratulations! You have just purchased the most powerful and complete vocal training available anywhere!

And I should know... before finding singing success, I tried just about everything!

And almost nothing worked. But I did find this excellent home study course, and my voice is still thanking me for it. I have plenty of range... I can produce any note in my range with wonderful, effortless tone... and best of all, singing is easy! It's no longer a struggle to get through a challenging song. With my voice as it is, I simply love taking to the stage and pleasing an audience.

And you too, will experience this! Make no mistake, the vocal lessons contained within the program are powerful. From the very first lesson you will feel dramatic improvement with your voice. So get excited! Very soon you will be singing better than you ever dreamed was possible!

Just imagine... standing on a stage, peering outwards at the amazed faces of the audience. Your voice floats easily through the air, filling it with beauty. The thick rich quality of your voice fills everyone with delight. And the stunning high notes simply amaze! As your voice dies away you are greeted with thunderous applause...

The Secret To Star Singing

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The Secret To Star Singing

Click here for The Secret To Star Singing

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Your friends gather around you... "where did you learn to sing like that?!", "That was amazing!"

The Singing Success program you have in your hands has the power to create this very situation for you.

It did for my voice... study the lessons and it will do the same for you.

Now the purpose of this article is to give you some insider tips so you get the most out of this life changing program. I've been studying with singing success for years now, and along the way I've discovered some pretty amazing techniques that will help you reap the vocal rewards you deserve.

I guess the biggest tip I can give you to begin with is to stick with the program. Now it shouldn't be too hard to stay motivated, because you will be feeling great improvement all the time. But as with everything, there will be times when you feel like you are not moving forward.

Keep practicing anyway!

One by one your vocal tensions will eventually fall away. And each time this happens, your voice take another step towards complete vocal freedom.

So keep exercising! Schedule a session every two days. Or something similar. The exercises are designed specifically to encourage your vocal chords to become very flexible and very efficient. So persevere with the exercises and your voice will improve over and over again.

"Now For My Most Powerful Tip"

Listen up, because I'm about to share a tip that will make your voice improve at a rate you won't believe.

Now think about this for a moment. Working through the Singing Success program is much like studying at School or University. You must complete the first lesson before moving onto the second. And the second before the third. And so on.

The process works because each exercise adds to the correct foundation that is being built in your voice. Each exercise builds on the previous exercise. And you shouldn't move on to the next lesson unless you have mastered the lesson you're currently on. Moving forward when you're not ready will not produce the results you're after.

But the big question is--- how do you know when you're ready to move to the next exercise? In other words...

When do you know you're doing the exercise right? Read on to learn how...

I discovered this technique completely by accident. It happened when I was recording my voice onto a computer. I was singing wildly into a microphone, and listened to my voice through headphones.

You know what I noticed? My voice sounded completely different through the headphones!

I later discovered that there is a reason for this. When you speak or sing, you will hear your voice very differently than a listener. This happens because we hear the sound reflecting inside the spaces in our head. It's a different perspective than hearing the sound from the outside.

But what does this have to do with singing?

Well, quite a lot actually. You see, if you could practice your singing using a microphone and headphones, you will hear exactly what a listener would hear.

You see, you, listening to the examples on the Singing Success cd's are the listener. So if you can match the same sound as the singers on the CD's, AND if it feels easy---with no tension... you would be doing the exercise correctly.

And nothing makes it easier than to practice using a microphone and headphones.

So here is the setup that I used to turbo-charge my vocal education.

1. download a simple free recording program... nothing spectacular needed.

2. Import the singing lessons into the program as WAV files. You need to do this so you can hear the lessons in the headphones AS WELL as your own voice.

3. Plug in a microphone into the MIC input on the back of your computer. It's usually the red input. Now, put on a pair of headphones so you can play the singing lessons through AND listen to your voice at the same time. This way you can sing along and compare your voice to the singer singing the example.

This technique may be a little drastic for you. For most people it's probably fine to just listen and sing along.

But, this technique is highly effective in giving you an astonishingly accurate idea of exactly how well you are performing the exercise.

Once you know you are doing an exercise right, it becomes easy. You simply memorize how it feels and you will be able to do the exercises better every time.

This "knowing how it feels" is a vitally important aspect of singing. The Singing Success audio program provides the best *tools* that are available. Use them, learn how it feels, and your voice will improve dramatically.

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