Powerful Singing Scream Techniques

Do you need singing scream techniques that work?

And ones that don’t give you a sore throat within minutes?

Well, good news…

I can show you how to scream, easily, safely, and brutally!

I do a lot of work in recording studios, and I’ve worked with some monster singers who sang (and screamed) some of the heaviest most violent songs I’ve ever heard.

And you know what?

There was something that was quite strange about the way they screamed…

I noticed that while on the CD it sounds like they were screaming LOUD, this was not actually the case.

Standing in the room with them as they screamed, it was actually not that loud.

I asked one of the singers about this, and he said to me, “I’m screaming properly, so my voice doesn’t give way”…

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Powerful singing scream techniques

I asked him if he could show me how to do it, and he agreed… So here it is…

Screaming with proper technique is actually a vocal process called “vocal fry”.

To understand what vocal fry is, listen to the cartoon character Elma Fudd.

He says…

“Be very very quiet… I’m hunting wabbit…”

Got it?

That grainy sound that Elma uses to talk is vocal fry.

Also, you probably make a vocal fry sound when you wake up in the morning. When you say, “Ahhhhhh” in that very grainy, soft voice, that’s vocal fry.

To learn singing scream techniques, you need to practice your vocal fry, and then simply raise the volume.

Here’s another hint…

There are probably some notes in your range that you can scream better on.

If you take the word “WAAAAAAAAA”

And experiment with vocal fry on different notes, you will notice that some feel easier. There are “screaming sweet spots” in your voice. Find them and screaming will become much easier!

Once you’ve found your screaming “sweet spots”, you can use that note as the foundation for your screaming. And only divert to other notes for diversity and effect.

One last thing…

Always remember that vocal fry is the correct way to scream. Any other way and you will be damaging your voice. Practice your vocal fry and you will be able to deliver devastating screams for hours in a row, with no strain on your voice at all!


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