Singing Lessons For Beginners

Perhaps the best singing lessons for beginners available are created by vocal coach Roger Burnley. Roger has a 20 plus year career teaching many of the biggest stars in Hollywood, and no know I know is as good as making things incredibly simple.

Let me break down some of the best advice I learned from Roger.

First of all one of the biggest mistakes people make when they first learn to sing, is they get their sound "stuck in their throat". When you do this your tonality suffers, as well as your ability to hit high notes.

Also it makes singing very uncomfortable too!

So an easy way to rectify this problem is to put your hands on your cheeks and make an effort to keep the sound "above your cheeks".

In doing this you'll be positioning the sound correctly. Try this right now. I'm positive you'll notice an immediate increase in tone quality and ease of singing.

Another concept that Roger uses which is incredibly effective is his "backwards singing technique".

Now this one is a little harder to explain in an article, but let me try.

You see, Roger noticed that a lot of people have trouble with hitting high notes because they were "reaching" up for them.

Instead here's what you should do.

Begin with the sound nice and high in your head, and then sing down into the note.

All of a sudden this will free you up to sing your high notes with much less tension.

And you'll never be scared that your voice is going to "fall apart" when you approach your high notes!

One final lesson from Roger is to apply his three P's.

These are practice, persistence, and patience.

Like learning any instrument, learning to sing takes time and effort. With correct training you WILL reach your goals much faster, but it still takes practice, persistence, and patience.

To learn more great singing lessons from Roger in video form, click here

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