Why You Must Choose The Right
Professional Voice Coach

A good professional voice coach will prescribe EFFECTIVE vocal exercises that will increase your range, improve your tone, and give you complete control of your voice.

Why is your choice of vocal coach so important?

Consider this...

Your vocal abilities will improve at a rate that is determined by the ability of your vocal teacher's ability to interpret your voice, and prescribe exercises to increase it's ability.

So just because you're paying your professional voice coach $20 an hour, or maybe even $100 dollars an hour, don't expect you're voice to improve by magic!

I know, this does sound unfortunate. But the reality is that not all vocal instructors are adept at prescribing the right exercises for your voice.

In fact, many have NO idea which singing exercises will yield the desired results!

Exercises that concentrate too much on breathing, or exercises that try to place your tone... These won't produce results. They only produce frustration...

And I should know... You see, I spent thousands of dollars on so called "professional voice coaches", who's exercises didn't develop my voice. I believed what my vocal instructors told me, but never questioned why my voice never seemed to improve!

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Vocal coach teaching the voice

A Singer's Biggest Fear

But there came a very sad day, when my throat was so sore that I consulted my doctor. When he muttered the words, "you need to stop singing... you are beginning to develop vocal nodules... if you keep singing you will need an operation to fix them"

After many long months of no singing, my nodules cleared up. But after this big shock, I decided it was time to question things.

Why do I have a very limited vocal range? Why do I feel so much tension when I sing? Why does my voice feel different every time I use it?

Obviously my technique was no good. But how could I correct it? I began to research...

After many painstaking days on the internet, I finally found it.

A technique that the most successful professional voice coaches in the world were teaching.

A Singing Technique That Works For Anyone!

It is called the speech level singing process---and it is the key to unleashing your best singing voice.

You see, the teachers of the speech level singing method realize that it's not necessary to force your voice, or attempt any unusual breathing techniques. Speech level singing trains the voice to function exactly how it's been designed to function. It programs your muscles to work correctly, AND in the right order.

Whether a great singer has been trained or not, they are using this method. When a singer can sing beautifully with no tension, it means that they are using a correct singing process.

So how does speech level singing work?

It's simple. After practicing with some very easy, but amazingly effective singing exercises, your voice becomes trained at functioning correctly. And when you being to sing with correct technique, your singing muscles begin to strengthen dramatically.

The most important muscles that need to be trained are called the "inner larynx muscles". They are the muscles that sit next to your vocal chords, and control them as you sing.

Speech level singing exercises isolate these muscles, and train them in a way that builds the muscles up very quickly.

It's like working out at the gym. If you put WAY too much weight on the bar, you will use your arms, your back, and anything else you can to lift the bar. But in doing this, you are not isolating the muscles you are trying to exercise; therefore you won't build up your arm muscles.

But if you put less weight on the bar, it's easy to isolate the muscles in your arms that you are trying to train. And as you work out, these muscles will strengthen very quickly.

This is why speech level singing is so effective. The exercises actually force you to isolate your inner larynx muscles, by not letting any other muscles interfere.

When you sing, do YOU isolate ONLY the muscles used for singing? If you are singing and you feel tension, you are not isolating the correct muscles.

The Very Best Professional Voice Coach

If you want to learn how you can build a singing voice that is amazing... that has astonishing range... and sparkling tone.. and that requires no effort to hit even the highest note you can imagine... I suggest you look at this page.

Probably the best professional voice coach on the planet, Roger Burnley, has developed the "Rolls Royce" of singing education.

The best thing is it's free!

This is the exact program that I personally used to develop a voice so good that my friends still find it hard to believe (actually, even I still find it hard to believe!)

Yes. My voice was almost at the stage of needing an operation because of bad singing technique (mainly due to poor instruction from my professional voice coaches). But this home study course completely turned it around. It can do the same for you. Check it out.

Learn more about professional voice coach of the stars, Roger Burnley... and learn how to sing with better range, better tone and better control.

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