Music Voice Lessons

In these music voice lessons you will learn one of the true secrets of singing.

What is this secret?

Well, a lot of how your voice sounds depends on where your sound is vibrating throughout your body. Getting this right will all of a sudden release your voice, giving you much better tone quality. The technical term for this is vocal placement.

So first, take a look at this video where Roger will share with you exactly why you must get this right… as well as some easy techniques to get you on the right path. A wonderful voice awaits you!

Let’s get started…

Why Is Vocal Placement So Important?

The biggest reason it’s so important to pay attention to these music voice lessons, is if you don’t get your placement right your whole voice will suffer.

One of the biggest mistakes a lot of singers make is they allow their sound to fall back into their throats. When this happens, a whole bunch of singing problems will happen.

Your swallowing muscles will begin to tense up when you sing. Your singing range will be severely limited. Get your placement right however, and you can truly experience the full fruits of your singing voice.

What Happens When You Get It Right?

As you’ll see in the video, when your sound is placed correctly, all the great things about singing begin to happen.

For example, you’ll be able to sing with consistent tone from the bottom of your range to the top. And this tone quality will be rich and pleasing!

Secondly, when your voice is placed correctly it will go a long way to helping you sing with no strain on your voice.

As I just mentioned, when your voice falls out of place, your swallowing muscles will come into the process causing you nasty strain and other vocal problems.

Music Voice Lesson #1

The first tip to getting your vocal placement working to your advantage is to “hear your sound” in the middle of your forehead.

As you learned in the video above, when you begin to do this, not only will your voice be functioning more correctly, but you’ll always be able to hear yourself onstage…

… Even with a blaring rock band behind you!

Music Voice Lesson #2

The second tip to help your singing voice fall into place is to keep your sound above your cheeks.

Doing just this will help you improve immensely as it will take your swallowing muscles out of the equation (which can be the most damaging factor to your singing).

Music Voice Lessons To Practice

A great exercise to begin placing your sound correctly is to sing a song you know, making sure your sound is staying above your cheeks.

As you practice this, you’ll realize that every time your sound falls out of place, problems will creep in. However if you keep that sound above your cheeks things will flow smoothly, and feel much easier.

So begin practicing!

As well, if you want a brilliant free video series to really get your singing in shape, click the link below.

Going through these videos will really take your voice to new heights, and it’s highly recommended.

Click here for the free music voice lessons

So practice these new ideas and incorporate them into your voice. You’ll be glad you did!

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Roger has been featured on VH1, TV Guide Channel, TV One,
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