Learning To Sing With A Microphone

Spend your time and money learning to sing with great technique, don't spend too much time on microphone technique...

It really amazes me when singing teachers spend endless lessons teaching their students microphone technique rather then singing techniques.

A student's time and money is best spent learning to sing with correct singing technique. You don't need to pay tens, even hundreds of dollars per hour, learning how to use a microphone.

It's easy!

I can sum it up for you in a few minutes, and this is what I will do in this article.

First let me say this.

You don't have to control all the volume changes. The sound engineer will likely have you going through a piece of equipment called a "compressor".

This will actually turn you down if you sing too loud! Therefore, don't be afraid of singing too loud into the microphone.

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Follow this simple rule

If you are singing from quiet to medium volume, you must learn to sing as close to the microphone as possible. I mean really close!!! Position your mouth a few millimeters from the front of the microphone.

You see, it's very unlikely the sound engineer will ever have too much volume coming from the singer. It's easy for them to turn it down if it's too loud. Problems arise when the singer is not loud enough however...

...which is what happens when your not close enough to the microphone!

Therefore, sing really close to the microphone at low to medium levels.

When you reach a louder section in the song; pull back slightly, not a lot, only 2-5cm. This will easily bring the level down enough to sit in the mix well.

Learning to sing this way will be a snap, and should not take too much practice. In fact, it will become instinctive very quickly...

Leave any other adjustments to the sound engineer; if you try to control the dynamics beyond this point, it will be impossible for the engineer to do his job.

For example, if you pull back much further than this, with all the sounds in the background, your voice may disappear almost completely!


  • Quiet to medium=close as possible
  • Loud to extra loud=2-5cm from the front of the microphone

Oh, one more thing.....

Sing into the middle of the microphone!

Learning to sing into the middle of the microphone will have you sounding your best, and clearest. This is the spot that will pick up the brightness in your voice. These frequencies are crucial for you to be heard clearly!

So, follow the above guidelines on distance, and sing into the middle of the microphone......

........You will simply stun your audience!

Advance Strategies for Learning To Sing With A Microphone

A slightly advanced technique is to aim slightly to the side of the microphone for every word that starts with "P" or "B". This is because these letters can cause a "popping sound".

Only use this technique once you have mastered the technique described above. It won't matter too much if you pop a little. People are used to hearing pops from time to time, therefore they usually don't even notice it.

But, if your looking to refine your microphone skills, practice aiming away from the mic on the P's and B's. Just shift the mouth slightly sideways, so the burst of air caused by the P and B, passes safely past the side of the microphone.

Once you've finished the letter, resume your position singing directly into the center of the microphone.

See? Not That Hard!

Spend a little time at home practicing these techniques. You don't even need a microphone, one singing exercise is to just use a stick, or a shampoo container!

Learning to sing this way will be quick and easy, I promise you...

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