Learn To Sing High Notes Without Straining

Yes. You can. You definitely CAN learn to sing high notes.

It's a disappointing myth that most singers can't hit high notes. Many vocal teachers will tell you this, but don't listen. They are just plain wrong.

I am a classic example of a singer who increased my range by over an octave, just by a change in thinking, and a change in technique. And you can do the same...

But before I tell you how, let me tell you why you can't seem to hit those high notes at the moment.

There are three common reasons why you may be failing to make that jump into your high vocal range.

Why Can't You Hit High Notes?

The main one, and most common, is you are breaking into falsetto.

This means---your are getting to a point in your range where your vocal chords can no longer hold together, and they are "breaking apart".

When this happens you will sound light and airy. Your tone has no depth and solidity to it. This is called "falsetto". Now while this can sound nice on occasions, you need to learn how to "shift gears" and move into your higher registers that will give your sound more power and depth.

The second reason that you may not be able to sign high is this: You are trying to force your voice. You are using extra musculature, and trying to force your voice as high as it can go. And you basically end up yelling the high notes.

This is no fun. I would know. I almost damaged my voice permanently doing this.

If this is you... be sure to keep reading. Not only will you fix this, but you will avoid having an operation on your vocal cords in the future.

And anyhow, when you do this, your tone sounds splatty and impure... otherwise... it sounds TERRIBLE!

The third common thing you may be doing is going into a very classical sounding head voice. If this is happening, you are managing to "zip up your vocal chords" thus moving into your head voice, but your resonance is making a big jump, so most of it ends up in your head.

Now this may be ok for a classical situation, but for anything more commercial, it will sound rather comical!

But don't fear, if this is you, you need to learn to blend your resonance so instead of all of it going into your head, you have a mixture of mouth and head resonance.... so you are singing in your mixed voice.

Ok, so those are the three categories. I personally, used to be a combination of no. 1 and 2.

Now. How do you learn to sing high notes?

So Can You Learn To Sing High Notes? Read On...

There are techniques that will correct all three problems, so you will soon be singing absolutely STUNNING high notes, with almost no effort at all!

The way you can learn to sing the high notes properly, is by practicing speech level singing exercises. These exercises are almost magic. The exercises are specifically designed to develop your mixed voice.

Your mixed voice is a vocal register that you can sing in with no strain. What's technically happening, is you are "zipping up" your vocal cords, AND *splitting* the resonance between your mouth and head.

When you sing in your *mixed voice* your voice will sound like your lower notes, except richer (the richness comes from your head resonance). The best part is it's so easy to hit the highest notes you can imagine in mixed voice.

You can get speech level singing lessons on this page. This is a wonderful singing instruction program and I recommend it highly. They are perfect if you want to learn to sing high notes. 

Practice these exercises often and you will develop a strong, powerful voice, with plenty of range, and wonderful tone quality. If you are interested to learn to sing high notes easily and consistently, you will love the program.

I added over an octave to my voice using the exercises! Click here to learn more about Roger Burnley's excellent program

Learn To Sing High Notes

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