Learn To Sing Harmony With
These Effective Exercises

Want to learn to sing harmony like a pro?

I’d like to share with you one of my favorite exercises that will teach you to really master singing in perfect harmony.

While simple, this exercise is all you will ever need to become an amazing backup singer, and form the most beautiful harmonies easily. After this, I’d also like to show you the key thing that transformed my singing career.

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Let’s Get Started!

For this exercise you will need a piano. (If you don't have a piano, don't fret. In a moment I'll show you what you can do instead)

Here’s how you do it.

Firstly, get a simple recording device and begin recording. Next, sit at the piano and press any note. Simply choose one at random and press it. As this note rings out, try to sing a note in harmony with the note that’s ringing out on the piano.

Don’t try and sing a note in perfect harmony first go. The idea is to experiment and learn what notes work as a harmony.

Press another note on the piano and try singing a note in harmony again.

Continue doing this simple exercise for fifteen minutes, recording the whole time.

After this, press stop on the recorder, and then play back the exercise. While listening back you will learn a tremendous amount of useful information. You will hear when you did a good job of picking a good note to harmonize with. You will hear when you were singing in pitch.

Hear The Different Moods

You will also hear the different moods that are created with different harmonies.

That’s one of the keys. When you are writing a harmony part to a song, you will realize that different notes will produce different moods in the song.

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I could tell you what these moods are for each combination, but you will become a much better harmonizer once you hear these relationships yourself, and realize the difference choosing a different note will make. This is a big key if you want to learn to sing harmony really well.

So practice the exercise I’ve just described, and listen for the different harmonies, and the effect they have on you.

Within a week or two, you will become really really good at crafting harmonies, because you will deeply understand the relationships between different notes, and also will be excellent at singing these harmonies.

The Second Technique

Here's another exercise you can do that doesn't involve a piano.

Simply choose a favorite song of yours, and try and craft harmonies to parts that don’t yet have one. This exercise becomes even more effective if you record yourself doing this, and listen back to your results.

This “feedback loop” (recording your practice sessions and listening back) is actually one of the secrets to fast progress with your singing.

One more secret to help you learn to sing harmony

Another secret that I promised I’d tell you about it the one thing that completely turned my singing life around. This secret is in the form of some world class vocal exercises, recorded by one of the most sought after vocal instructions on the planet.

The last key to singing in perfect harmony is to actually master your singing voice. If you want to master your voice, and learn to sing harmony like a pro, check out this website.

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