Jazz Vocal Lessons That Work

What is the one thing that jazz vocal lessons absolutely must achieve?

I’ll answer that in a minute, but first, let’s sum up what’s needed to be a great jazz singer.

Firstly, you need a very big vocal range. There is no other style that practically demands a lot of usable vocal range. For this reason you need to develop very strong vocal bridges, so you can easily move from your lower notes, to your higher ones.

This is best done by becoming familiar with your main vocal registers. Your chest voice is where you create your lower tones, whereas your higher notes should be sung in your mixed voice and your head voice.

More on this in a minute…

As a jazz musician, you also need great tone variation. And you need to be able to have very precise control over the way you vary your tone. You need to have a very beautiful, delicate side to you, as well as power and grunt…

Another very important aspect of singing great jazz is having many licks and trills in your repertoire. When you’ve built up a large library of different elements of “style”, it will become instinctive to you and you will be able to move effortlessly through pieces, adding your own personal style and flair to the piece.

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Ok, so what is the number one thing that jazz vocal lessons absolutely must do?

Well, here it is: Jazz vocal lessons must cause correct technique in your voice. Now that sounds obvious at first, but the truth is that so much of the vocal instruction out there does nothing but cause bad technique and hinder your ability to sing your best.

And with jazz, you must have an impeccably trained voice… with other styles of music you may get away with a “less than perfectly trained voice”. But in a technically demanding genre such as jazz,it’s to have solid technique.

Fortunately there are certain exercises (some which are quite strange) that program your voice for success. These exercises automatically work correct technique into your voice, and unlike most training, results come very quickly.

I know this because I myself, struggled for years with my voice (before finding exercises that work). Once I found an approach that re-programmed my voice to function correctly though, things happened very quickly.

The training I’m about to show you is more suited to jazz than anything else. The reason is: not only does it have an incredible “technique section” where you will learn to sing exactly the way your voice was designed to function… it also has a comprehensive “style” section that will put you on par with most “jazz masters”. One you’ve passed through this training process, you will have a voice that will see your peers green with envy!

The jazz vocal lessons I’m talking about are located on this page.

These lessons cover everything from developing a stunning vocal range, an ability to sing in many different “vocal colors”, and impressive personal “style”…

Many “big name” singers rely on this technique to get them through their rigorous schedules (just have a look at some of the testimonials on the website). I highly recommend you take a look at these jazz vocal lessons… in my opinion they should be part of every serious singers “toolbox” and since starting myself, my voice has never stopped thanking me!

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