Know How Vocal Cords Work...
And You Will Sing Better

Do you know exactly how vocal cords work when you sing? If you don’t, it could be costing you your chance of ever having a great voice.

Let's avoid this by learning a few important points about how your vocal chords work.

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Important Vocal Cord Fact 1

Your vocal chords are NOT muscles.

It is a common misconception that your vocal chords are muscles. This is not true.

In actual fact, your vocal chords are soft tissue.

As the name 'soft tissue' implies, your vocal chords are quite fragile. Therefore it's no use to blast your vocal chords with too much air. They can't stand the pressure.

How vocal cords work

Important Vocal Cord Fact 2

For you to sing well, a few things need to happen. First you need to develop the muscles that control your vocal chords. These muscles are called 'the inner muscles' of the larynx. And these muscles specifically control the closure of your vocal chords.

Important Vocal Cord Fact 3

If your inner larynx muscles control the closure of your vocal chords, what controls the opening?

That's right... air does!

You use air pressure to open your vocal chords, and then your inner larynx muscles pull the cords closed again. This cycle happens thousands of times a second.

As you can see, these inner muscles need to be very efficient to be able to sing well...

That's why you need exercises that specifically train these muscles for singing.

Do you know what the very best exercise for this is?

You will find out in a minute... but first...

Important Vocal Cord Fact 4

Your vocal chords come to a point, where if you want to sing a higher note, they must make an adjustment. This adjustment is called shortening or 'zipping up' your vocal chords...

This means that the cords can open and close, faster, and with more ease...

..Which means, you guessed it... a higher note!

And you ARE clever, because I KNOW you saw this coming as well...

You need less air to sing higher notes. This is because less of the vocal chord is opening and closing. Therefore less air is needed to engage the cords properly...

And about that special exercise I promised you?

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And now you know how vocal cords work, you can use the knowledge for the good of your singing.

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