Learn How To Sing In Key Effortlessly

Are you looking to learn how to sing in key? 

If you want to become excellent at singing in perfect tune, then pay attention to the tips on this page.

Singing in key comes down to two key things.

    1.Realizing when you are in key. 

    2.Realizing when you are not in key.

It’s actually that simple!

Once you know the answer to these two questions, it’s much easier to make corrections and sing in key much more consistently.

A great way to learn a lot about your singing, and whether you are staying in key or not is to record yourself singing. This sounds really simple, but it’s very powerful.

When you actually hear yourself come in and out of tune, you learn a lot about what you’re doing, and how you can correct it.

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Learn how to sing in key

A good exercise is to sit at a piano with a recorder going, and then hit a random note. The split second you hear the note, try and sing it perfectly in tune. Once you hear you are singing in tune, hit another random note and sing that one.

Once you’ve finished around five minutes of this, play back the tape and listen to the exercise.

After doing this five minute exercise for a week or two, you will notice yourself becoming much more accurate with your pitch.

The other thing you can do to learn how to sing in key, is learn the skill of perfect pitch and relative pitch. These skills will allow you to become an expert listener, and you will be able to immediately tell if you are singing in tune or not.

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Singing Exercises To Improve Pitch?

If you suffer from tone deafness it just means you need to learn how to hear the different pitches. Beginner singers in particular often feel they are tone deaf and there's nothing they can do about it. But it couldn't be further from the truth! 

So let's look at some more singing exercises to improve pitch. Once you do this you will sound much more professional and enjoyable to listen to. Click play on the video below for the first exercise. 

When you first begin to sing, singing on key can be one of the hardest things to do. 

And falling badly out of tune in front of an audience can be a little embarrassing.

The cure for this is to practice exercises (like the one in the video above) that will help you hit your notes spot on. 

There Are Two Important Things To 
Pay Attention To With This Exercise

As you can see from the exercise in the video (begins at the 45 second mark), using a simple "Ooooo" sound on a scale like this is very helpful because it allows us to concentrate fully on staying in tune. The added bonus is it's a great vocal warm up too! 

Watch me demonstrate by clicking below: 

And here is an audio file so you can practice along. 

The important thing to pay attention to while doing the exercise, is to make sure you keep your body quite still as you're singing. 

Why is keeping still so important? 

It's important to keep your body still while you do the exercise, because it's your vocal chords that control what note you're hitting. 

Many singers will tend to move their jaw around, their head around, and even their whole body to try and get their notes.

This is counter productive because the only thing that has the ability to adjust the note is your vocal chords. 

Doing the exercise in the video above will help you, because by keeping everything else still, you get an understanding of how your vocal chords (or vocal folds) feel when they are making their adjustments. 

You Must Hear Your Voice To Sing On Key

The other important factor to hitting your notes in tune is you need to be able to hear your voice, and exactly what pitch it is on. 

The best way for improving your ear for pitch is to focus your hearing to the middle of your forehead.

If you listen carefully to the notes right in your forehead, you will begin to hear exactly what note you are hitting. 

Focus on hearing your sound in the middle of your forehead. This will help you hear if you are in tune or not.

The more you do this, the clearer you will hear yourself. And the better you'll be able to control your voice so it's always in tune.

An Unusual Tip For Singing Perfectly In Tune

After being a vocal coach for over 30 years I’ve come across a small handful of tips and tricks for singing perfectly in tune. 

There’s a certain one that I love to show clients and it’s a little unusual! 

Here it is: Sit or stand in silence and then imagine in your mind the note that you would like to hit. 

Do nothing until you are hearing the note clearly in your minds eye. 

Then once you are hearing it, try to sing that note. 

See if you get close to it. 

Then repeat the exercise with another note. 

By imagining the note, then attempting it, and repeating you will begin to develop a closer relationship with different pitches. 

Be sure to give this one a go as it’s fun and it really works! 

Add in 5 minutes of this exercise into your practice routine and you’ll be sure to improve! 

Once You Can Hear If You Are Singing In Key It Comes Down To One Thing

Using ear training exercises like recording yourself and focussing on hearing your sound in your forehead is a great start to singing perfectly on pitch. Once you can hear if you are singing in tune, you know if you are succeeding or not. 

From this point it's all about improving your vocal technique so you have more control over your voice. 

This will help you to allow your vocal cords to hit every note on pitch. There are many singing lessons and tips on this website to help you develop impeccable singing technique. And once you get more comfortable using your voice as an instrument, it will become much easier to sing in tune. 

Patience Is Key

It can be frustrating when you either:

1. Aren’t hearing the notes clearly
2. Can’t seem to hit the notes on pitch

It’s important to stay relaxed and not get too worked up if you don’t hit every note perfectly. Learning to hit the correct pitch is a skill that will slowly develop over time as long as you stick at it. 

A good idea is to practice the exercises in the video above for 15 minutes a day. And then every few weeks record yourself on your phone to monitor your progress. 

As you slowly improve you’ll get a lot of satisfaction from hearing your voice sound more and more professional. 

Also, other singing lessons you do will also help with your pitch. For example, singing scales will give you more control as you are building muscles coordination that will control your vocal folds more expertly. 

So stick with it! Within a few weeks or months you will begin to notice improvements and this will feed future success! 

How To Sing In Key For Beginners

The vocal exercise in the above video is incredibly simple, but if you practice it, it can work wonders on your singing voice. It will also help your technique, because the more you allow your vocal chords to do the work (without allowing all your non-singing related muscles from interfering) the better your voice will sound. 

And you will also begin to be able to understand when you are hitting your notes perfectly in tune, and when you are not. 

So practice it often and you will learn how to sing perfectly on pitch. 

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My advice for learning how to sing in key?

Firstly practice the piano exercise I’ve described at the top of this article. Then move onto the exercises demonstrated in the videos. 

This is usually enough to really master singing in key. A month of practicing this exercise daily should have you singing in tune better than you ever thought you could.

If you want to then take things to the next level, check out the perfect training by clicking the blue link above, and get a world class education in perfect pitch and relative pitch.

You are welcome to print this article out to refer to when you need. This way you will stay on track and be singing in perfect tune in no time at all!

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