How To Sing Higher

On this page are some important keys to learning how to sing higher. Keep reading to learn how you can increase your vocal range by over an octave...

How can you sing higher than you already sing now?

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Let me share with you a few special tricks to increase your vocal range.

I’m guessing that at the moment, you have a part of your voice that is fairly easy to sing in. These notes are probably low to medium range...

When you try and sing up a little higher, one of two things happen. Either your voice completely changes how it sounds… it loses all of the power and tone quality, and turns into a wimpy little sound.

Or the other thing that might be happening is you "push through" this difficult part in your voice, and you do "hit the high note", but it’s a big strain, and it probably doesn't sound that great either...

Women learning how to sing higher

Am I right so far?

I’m fairly confident that I am. You know why? Because this exact situation occurs in about 99% of singers!

So what about the other one percent? What happens to them?

Well, the other 1% seem to know something most don’t. They know how to connect with their upper vocal range. And they can hit these high notes with excellent tone, and power, with no strain at all!

I know... you've probably seen one of the 1% ers hit an amazing high note and wonder to yourself, "how do they do that?"

Well, the purpose of this article is to show you how! Just keep reading on…

I am proud to say that I am in the group of people who have this rare ability to hit very high notes. But I was not always… In fact, I struggled more than most…

So how did I make this jump to the 1% of people that know how to high notes?

I’ll tell you in a moment, but first you must know a few things about how the voice works.

You see, singers with large vocal ranges don’t necessarily have any “extra vocal equipment” or anything like that. You may think that because you have a “low” voice, you can’t hit high notes.

This is simply not true. I am a bass, and I can easily hit many notes above high C for a male.

What you must have in your voice, is the ability to connect with your upper vocal registers.

That’s right. This is the very key to having an amazing vocal range. And in a moment I’ll show you exactly how to develop this connection.

Remember how we talked about your voice "falling apart" when it got to a certain point in your range? This "falling apart"happens because you are loosing the connection, or said another way, your vocal cords are coming apart.

When you sing correctly through this point in your voice, your vocal cords hold together and actually shorten in length.

This "shortening" of the vocal cords is simply another muscle coordination that you must practice to learn how to sing higher. Once you understand how to find this connection, your upper vocal range will come together and you will be able to easily sing over an octave higher than you currently sing now.

You must be beginning to realize now that this "vocal cord shortening" is extremely exciting news to singers who want to learn how to sing higher!

And you are right!

How To Sing Higher---Increase Your Vocal Range Easliy

So now you know the why. Now it's time to learn the how.


You may not fully understand what I’ve discussed so far, but if that’s the case, don’t worry… it’s not important (at this point)that you understand the technicalities of how the voice works.

The most important thing is to have the correct vocal exercises that create this reaction in your voice. Once you are practicing exercises that automatically “teach” your voice how to move into your upper range, you will know how it feels to sing high notes correctly.

When you reach this point, miracles are about to happen! You will find yourself singing high notes that you had never even dreamed of. And you will retain the same tone quality of your lower range.

So which vocal exercises will give your voice this large increase in range?

You can access the very same exercises I used to increase my own vocal range by well over an octave. These exercises are exceptionally efficient at *connecting* your voice in the upper vocal registers, and freeing your tone.

Because of the way these exercises “free” your voice, you will also notice that you will lose any vocal tension that you may currently sing with. Singing can actually be as easy as talking with the right vocal instruction.

Below is a link to what I think are the best set of recorded singing lessons available. They are recorded by one of the worlds finest vocal instructors, and the fact that you get your money back if you don’t increase your range by an octave really says something!

Click the blue link below and discover exactly how to sing higher than you are singing now.

Click here to increase your vocal range by over an octave!

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