How To Expand Your Vocal Range
Quickly And Easily

Read on to learn how to expand your vocal range. No matter what 'voice type' you have, you can bet that there are many higher notes that you are missing out on. But not for long...

Imagine if you could open your mouth, and out came an astonishing high note. You didn't need to stretch or strain. It was as easy as opening your mouth and letting the sound flow out.

And imagine that you could learn how to expand your vocal range and adjust the tone exactly as you like it. It could be loud, rich and powerful. Or it could be delicate and beautiful.

You might say "Well that sounds great, but only extremely talented singers have this unique skill."

Which is exactly what I used to think as well. But As I discovered, there are simple, easy, but amazingly effective exercises... that produce incredible results and teach you exactly how to expand your vocal range.

Vocal Cord Shortening - The Key To Increasing
Your Range By Many Notes

If you can learn to shorten your vocal chords when you sing, you will easily be able to sing over three octaves... and this is at the very least!

Which brings us to an intriguing question. "What exactly does it mean to shorten your vocal chords?"

You can practice exercises that will allow you to perfect how much air pressure you are sending to your vocal chords. When you do this, you will change gears and shorten your vocal chords as you sing higher.

This means that a part of your vocal chords will shut off, so there are less of the cords free to vibrate. Because of the shorter amount of chord that is vibrating, it becomes very easy for your vocal chords to vibrate faster... and produce a higher note.

Another thing that needs to be developed to expand your vocal range is the muscles that sit next to your vocal chords. These muscles are called the "inner larynx muscles", and they control the closure of your vocal chords.

If you can increase the efficiency and strength of these inner larynx muscles... and balance the air pressure that you are sending to your vocal chords... your vocal chords will learn to "shorten" as you sing higher.

When this happens you will easily be able to high extremely high notes.

But how can you train yourself to do this?

How To Train Your Voice To *Effortlessly* Hit Pure, High Notes

Well, that's where I got very lucky a few years ago. I was busy scouring the net for information on singing. I wanted to increase my range as well, you see.

Completely 'by chance' I bumped into a site owned by world famous vocal instructor Roger Burnley.

Roger was selling a home study vocal course, called Singing Made Simple. At the time, I was incredibly skeptical, and the course was expensive.

After weeks of 'fence sitting', I decided to give the program a try. After all, it was guaranteed, so there wasn't any risk.

I followed the lessons closely, and was delighted to find that there were many very exercises, effective at expanding your vocal range. Before a few weeks had passed, I had actually doubled my vocal range!

And the best part... Instead of adding tension when I went to hit high notes, the tension disappeared!

You see, the exercises were training my voice to function at what's called, speech level. Speech level means that it takes no more effort than it does to talk.

So even when I went to hit my highest note, there was no more tension than when I sung my easy, middle range notes.

The exercises are perfect at strengthening the vital "inner larynx muscles", while coordinating your vocal cords to shorten as you sing higher.

This type of vocal training makes it possible for any singing voice to sing extremely high notes, with absolute ease.

If you want to learn how to expand your vocal range, I highly recommend you check out this home study course.

Click here to learn more about the Singing Made Simple home study vocal course.

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