How To Enjoy My Own Vocal Performance?

by donna mariamor
(chicago il usa)

Here are my biggest singing challenges.

First, singing on pitch (not flat), and getting and staying in the pocket (the groove) when singing up tempo music.

Secondly I want to be able to simply float with the musical track in the recording studio.

Finally, I want to be proud of my recording studio performance and truly be able to challenge an original song in the studio.

And make it a great artistic performance.

From The Editor

Hi Donna. Firstly thanks for the wonderful contribution.

I think I know a little about you. Partly because you sound a lot like me.

Let me see if this rings a bell... You are a perfectionist. You're not just looking to do something decent. You want to achieve something special.

If this is right, then it's great news. Why? Because being a perfectionist and always seeking for that next level is the way to becoming the best of the best.

Now, first of all as you've probably gathered giving an amazing artistic performance that will thrill people in an audience as well as listening to a recording is about two things.

1. It's about getting your vocal technique right. This is what's going to allow you to get the quality of sound you want to out of your voice. It gives you access to your best tone quality, your full vocal range etc.

Great technique will also help you with that pitch issue you discussed also.

For help with your technique check out the video section on this website.

But you know what?

Great technique alone is not enough!

This leads into the second part of giving a stunning performance in the studio and onstage.

2. Here's how it goes: The purpose of having great technique is so you can "let go of it" when you step into a performance.

You see, when you work at all the exercises and get your voice working beautifully, when it comes to performing you can literally "forget" about what your voice is doing technically...

... And throw yourself into the performance!

When you do this... when you perform with all your passion... when you get down to the core meaning of the song and communicate that emotion...

... And when your technique takes care of itself (because you've worked hard to develop it)...

... You're going to end up with a spectacular performance.

Remember art is about expression... emotion... and communication. So that's what you should aim to deliver in your performance.

Now to finish up let me comment on the underlying "perfectionist" vibe I was picking up on.

The reason this is great is when you do all these things to achieve a thrilling performance, and then watch or listen to this performance and think to yourself... "This is good but I want to do BETTER!"

This is how you will get to the very top level in terms of being an artist.

Because each time you do this your brain will come up with answers to improve on what you're doing.

Eventually your performance will be beyond what just about everyone else is doing, simply because you asked the question: What's the next level and how can I get there?

So continue with this attitude and you'll go onto wonderful things, I'm certain of it!

And above all, enjoy your singing journey, because that's what it's all about!

Good luck.

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Apr 01, 2016
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by: Buy Essay

The best performances are the emotional ones. The emotionless performances are not communicating the audience and serve for nothing. Singing is an instrument of artistic expression.

Nov 09, 2015
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Nov 07, 2015
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Donna mariamor wrote her biggest singing challenges with us. I have read your challenges which are not easy to do. If anyone want to enjoy own vocal performance and don't know how can he do it then this article for only that person. So many artist don't have idea about it therefore you shared this informative article with us. Music lover and artists must like this website having a lot of article regarding Singing.

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