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Have you ever desperately cried out, “ help me learn how to sing !”…?

I felt this way for many years! I tried many different approaches to singing, but nothing seemed to work. Yes, there were small improvements here and there, but overall I wasn’t getting close to the level I wanted to reach.

As a singer, you want certain things.

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Expanding Your Vocal Range

You want to be able to hit your highest and lowest notes easily, without having to reach or strain for them. You want a large vocal range so you can sing any song you want to, and when you write music, there are no limitations to which key you work in.

You want to be able to control your tone with ease. And you want and need your sound quality to be sweet and superb.

And for those ambitious singers, you need to be able to do classy licks and trills. And you need to have a vibrato that you control, not the other way around.

How can you get all these things?

Well, the answer is: you need to work from a solid and correct foundation. Once you have developed good technique to build from, all the rest of these things happen one by one, almost effortlessly.

But for this dominoes affect to happen, you must kick start it by learning to operate your voice the way it was designed to operate.

What Happens When You Are Singing Correctly?

Let’s go “under the hood” for a moment and look at a voice when it’s functioning correctly.

Firstly let’s look at the three systems that make up your voice… learning to breathe… your vocal chord coordination’s… and your vocal resonance.

When your voice is functioning correctly, these three things are in harmony.

Do this for me: Sing “out loud” a note that is in your easy range. Doesn’t matter which note… anyone will do.

As you sing this note pay attention to:

  • The sensation in your lungs and stomach (breathing)
  • The sensation in your throat (vocal chords)
  • The sensation in your mouth and head (resonance)

To produce this note that you’ve just sung, you’ve leveraged each of these three systems. You’ve supplied a certain amount of air pressure using the air pressure in your lungs… you’ve made a certain coordination with your vocal chords that causes the air pressure to “push through” them at a certain rate and create a sound wave… and this sound wave has bounced around inside your vocal structure in a certain way to become amplified and transform into the sound you heard.

If this is sounding complicated to you, don’t worry. If your saying “help me learn how to sing” you don’t to understand all the theory perfectly. In a moment, you’ll see that simply practicing the right exercises will allow you to build the perfect balance in your voice, giving all the benefits of being an amazing singer.

Ok. So as you sang that note, if it came out fairly easily and sounded ok or even “great”, the three systems that I mentioned were in fairly good balance.

To improve your voice though, you need to find the perfect balance.

Once you do this everything improves dramatically.

Besides leveraging these systems so they are in balance you also need to: prevent anything else from interfering in the process!.

Unfortunately, there are many muscle groups that surround the “right singing muscles” and interferes in the singing process. When this happens your tone quality suffers, your vocal range is reduced, and singing becomes hard and even painful.

The worst offenders are your swallowing muscles. These muscles sit close to your vocal chords and “choke” your singing if you don’t know how to relax them as you sing.

Many vocal teachers will simply say, “just relax, you don’t have to be tense when you sing”.

This doesn't help me learn how to sing at all!

The truth is, simply “trying to relax” will not do you any good. If these swallowing muscles are causing you grief you need special exercises that condition them to sit still as you sing.

It took me years of searching to uncover exercises that would let me do this. I’ll share these lessons with you in a minute.

Let’s Recap On What Makes A “Great” Singer

To sing with a magnificent sounding voice you must:

1. Learn to keep your three “singing systems” in a perfect balance. (These systems are “in flux” and change for every new note that you sing-you need special exercises that “imprint” the correct balance for every new variable)

2. You must disengage all the troublesome muscles that cause tension, strain and bad technique.

When you do these two things, your voice will be spectacular.

So how can you do this?

Well, the short answer is this: there are certain exercises that will “imprint” this “correct” way of singing into your neurology. The key is that as you practice these exercises you “pay attention” to how each new note feels when sung correctly.

It’s a gradual process of re-programming your voice for success, but it’s so worth it if your willing to put in the effort.

If you’re thinking " help me learn how to sing "… the best advice I can give you is to re-read this article and realize that to sound excellent, you must adopt correct singing technique as I’ve described. There is no other way that will improve your singing to this degree. The exercises that will cause your voice to begin responding “correctly” are at this page.

As you practice these exercises, your voice will begin to “program” itself for success. As this new, good technique is “imprinted” into your neurology and muscle memory, you will find your voice begins to sound better and better. And then one day you will realize that you sound “fully professional” and as good or better than any singer you hear on the radio.

I used these exercises when I was in the ‘ help me learn how to sing ’ stage, and I still use them to this day, which my voice improving more and more.

This is the progress that I made (and you can too...)

In the first two weeks I discovered that I had WAY more vocal range than I’d ever known. I began to hit notes well over an octave over my previous range. At this early stage I still had bad technique within me… some days singing felt easy… some days it was still a struggle.

I learned How to Sing High Notes

After three months things began to really happen. I could consistently hit sweet, high notes, although bringing them into a song situation was still fairly difficult. On the whole, singing felt much easier and became a pleasure rather than a chore. I wasn’t asking someone, anyone to help me learn how to sing any more.

After the 1 year mark all my bad techniques had evaporated into thin air. At this point I could nail any song I wanted, and my friends and family were in disbelief at the transformation my voice had taken. I was truly proud and excited about the progress I had made!

If you are thinking "help me learn how to sing …” click here now and begin programming your voice for success.

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