Free Voice Lessons To Balance Your Voice

I'd like to give you some free voice lessons to help you balance your voice. Because a balanced voice is very important for a singer. It's very common for a singer to sing in two or three completely different tone qualities.

Now this can be used effectively for style, but in most cases, it sounds much better to have a consistent sound through your entire voice.

Once you have this consistency, you can then decide to experiment with the different tone qualities. But first you must...

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Develop A Consistant Voice

Developing a consistent tone through your voice means doing two things.

Firstly, you must be able to stay connected through your entire range. What I mean by 'connected', is your vocal chords have to hold together at all times.

When the chords 'break' apart, you will go into a light and fluffy coordination called falsetto. While this sound can be used effectively in some styles, it's best to be avoided. Or even better, to know how to use both coordinations so you can suit the tone to the song your singing.

The second thing you must do is balance your vocal resonance.

You have three main resonance cavities that are important to the singing process.

1. The pharynx (the back of your throat)

2. The mouth

3. The sinuses (nasal cavities)

If you send your sound to these three resonant spaces in a balanced proportion, your tone will be balanced. Which really means, your tone quality will be rich, clear, and sweet.

So... you need to learn how to...

1. Hold your vocal chords together (To be able to sing with a large vocal range)

2. Balance the resonance (to sing with great vocal tone)

Click here to watch a video that helps with these three things

And The Best Way To Do This?

The speech level singing method is by far the best way to develop a strong, balanced voice. The exercises are designed specifically to do what we just discussed, and are incredibly effective!

My voice has benefited greatly from using this method of learning, and so will yours!

Click here to learn more about this method

More Free Voice Lessons...

Here... An Extensive Collection of High Quality Vocal Lessons.. These vocal lessons are divided into different categories. Scroll down to find a category/article that interests you, and click on the link.

More free voice lessons to come...

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