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With the right exercises, you can begin expanding your vocal range in minutes. You can add an entire octave to your range. I did. And on this page I will tell you how I did it...

I once wanted to expand my vocal range. I had a fairly normal 'breaking point' for a male. But this wouldn't let me sing the types of songs I wanted to sing. I could never understand why singers like Jeff Buckley could simply float up WAY beyond where my voice seemed to give in.

This breaking point... let me tell you a little more about it (although I think you already know what I'm going to say)

It happens when you reach a certain point in your range. You start in a nice easy range... then sing a little higher. And a little higher. And keep going until... Straining Keep going. KEEP GOING. Getting harder...

And then...

THERE IT GOES! Your tone quality completely changes. Before it was thick and rich, now it sounds wimpy. This my dear friend, it's what's known as "breaking into falsetto". And this is what you must avoid if you want to try expanding your vocal range....

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Let me tell you something that will make you feel much better.

There are higher parts of your voice that you don't know how to access at the moment.

It's NOT because you're a bad singer. It's got nothing to do with that. You just don't yet know how to find the muscle coordination that lets you sing like this.

There is a new, different muscle coordination. And it is all you need to begin expanding your vocal range. Once you can do it, you will NOT break. Instead...

You Will Move Into A Higher Vocal Register

1. Your mixed voice. This is the middle register in your range. It has the power of your chest voice (your 'talking' range), and the sweetness of your head register. It is the voice you go into if you can avoid the BREAK!

2. Your head voice. This is the register above mixed voice. It's the highest part of your range. It has a very sweet tone quality. It can sound very classical if you sing in a pure head voice. But if this isn't what you want, you can mix it slightly with the chest voice (a light mixed voice), to give it more power, depth, and edge.

Learning how to sing in these upper registers is the most correct way to begin expanding your vocal range.

So what's the magical thing that needs to happen for you to sing in these upper registers?

Well... let me tell you. You need to train your vocal chords so they can "hold together" in all parts of your range. So whenever you open your mouth to sing a note, the chords tighten, and vibrate, opening and closing, but never being blown apart.

Once they blow apart, you are back in falsetto, and once again victim of THE BREAK!

It's easy to hold your vocal chords together in chest voice. ie: the voice you speak in, and the lowest part of your vocal range.

But the problem is, how to sing high notes. When you sing higher notes, your vocal chords are just too big to hold together and vibrate that the fast frequency it needs to. This is when you need to form the new muscles coordination I've been telling you about!

The vocal chords, when properly trained, have the ability to shorten in length.

When they shorten like this, the length of the chords that vibrates is also shorter. To visualize this, picture yourself zipping up a sweater, only halfway. Now a section of the sweater is completely closed off. But the rest of the sweater is still venerable to any wind that might come. It can still flutter in the breeze.

Same thing with your vocal chords. They "shut off" a section, and leave the rest open. Now there is a smaller amount of the vocal chords that vibrate when you sing. Because of this, they can vibrate faster..... The vocal chords can vibrate faster meaning you can hit HIGHER NOTES!

How Can You Train Your Vocal Chords To
Form This New Coordination?

You'll be pleased to know that it isn't hard to train your vocal chords. There are particular sounds that anyone can make that ALREADY have the in-built function of zipping up the vocal chords and expanding your vocal range. These everyday sounds begin to get your vocal chords "zipping up" and sending you into those amazing high notes that you want to hit!

You can learn more about these exercises by clicking here.

In a way you're tricking your voice into the higher parts of your range. Because of the way a certain sound is pronounced, you are practically FORCED to zip up your chords and sing a high note!

Once you begin to train your vocal chords in this way, things get easier. At one point you'll find yourself saying " I can sing high notes easily using this one particular sound. This is when you move onto a slightly harder word. Once you master this one, you choose another etc...

In no time at all you can be singing whatever you like in your head, or mixed register. This is a key to expanding your vocal range.

Here's How You Can Be Expanding Your Vocal Range

Speech level singing is the most effective way to begin expanding your vocal range.

I love speech level singing because it maps out the entire process for you. The process begins with VERY EASY SOUNDS, that will have you experiencing your higher range for the very first time. It then takes you through the process, giving you harder phrases, developing the muscles around your vocal chords more and more.

That is why speech level singing students often report LARGE increases in range. More than an octave is no fluke. It just sounds big because the majority of singers haven't been taught how to access their upper range.

There is a voice development course that will develop an incredibly large vocal range. This course is based on speech level singing, with a few differences (that make it even more effective). Practice the exercises in this course and soon you'll easily be able to hit notes well beyond your current capabilities, and with greater ease as well.

You can learn about this course by clicking here.

It's actually SCARY how well some of these exercises work. You will not believe how large a vocal range you are capable of until you try this. Check it out and begin expanding your vocal range today!

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