The Most Effective Exercises To
Build Vocal Range

Do exercises to build vocal range exist? Indeed they do. But you must have the right knowledge for them to be effective...

It's impossible to build or increase vocal range without the right knowledge.

In fact, there is one thing that is so important, that without it, you won't ever have a chance of extending your range. 

Do you know what it is? Man practicing a vocal range building exercise

Without this knowledge, you could sing for years and still be stuck in the range you have now.

To illustrate this point, I myself, had a range of a little under two octaves... for over FOUR years! Boy... was this frustrating!

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Man practicing a vocal range building exercise

But then, something happened. And almost instantly I was able to increase my range by an astonishing amount. It was like receiving a special key to the top areas of my voice.

When this happened, I added over an octave and a half of range to my voice...

And no, it wasn't and octave and a half of powerless falsetto. It was an octave and a half of consistent, easy to use, and most important, usable vocal range.

The funny thing is, the solution I had found was so simple, that I still didn't really feel like an extraordinary singer. Yet I was easily and consistently producing amazing high notes---rich in tone and character.

I have to be honest. I did not earn this range. As much as I would like to, I cannot claim to be an amazingly talented singer.

In fact, I am not particularly talented or gifted in any way at all.

Here's how I increased my range by so much...

I increased my range using very special exercises that actually 'tricked' my voice into 'changing gears', just at the right time. When you can change gears with your voice (otherwise known as bridging, or 'zipping up your vocal chords') you can access your higher vocal registers.

This changing gears is absolutely VITAL if you want to increase your vocal range. Without it, it's impossible to hit high notes. (unless you strain and reach for them)

So when you change gears, you move into your upper vocal registers that are called:

    1. Mixed voice

    2. Head voice

You too, can sing in your mixed and head voice.

All you need to do is learn how to get there. And once you do get there... Boy, you are in for a great time!

You can hit the highest of high notes with your mixed or head register. And you don't need to strain at all.

And even better, when you balance your resonance properly, your tone will be amazing!

So How Can You Find The Way To Your Mixed And Head Voice?

There is only one effective way to fully discover your upper registers. Which is the same method that I used to transform my voice.

It's called speech level singing. This method contains very special exercises that target very specific muscles.

Specifically, these exercises train your vocal chords to zip up as you sing higher.

This is how high notes are found. Not by pushing, pulling, or straining, like I did for so long.

When you strain to hit high notes, You are stretching your vocal chords too far. This can damage the chords... permanently. As well, you will never sing with your best tone quality when you strain to hit high notes.

Zipping up or 'changing gears' is the only way on how to sing high notes, with rich, sweet tone quality.

The program I used to add SO much extra vocal range to my voice, was the Singing Made Simple program, developed by Roger Burnley. Find it here ... I highly recommend it.

This program contains many powerful exercises to build vocal range. Which is why you're guaranteed an octave increase in range, or your money back!

At least, head over to this page, and check out the free video where Roger adds an octave to a male singer, in front of an excited live audience! Be sure to watch this, it's quite amazing!

In this video you will find the most effective exercises to build vocal range.

(You have to sign up for his free newsletter to access this free video. )

Do it now, and gain access to some of the most powerful exercises to build vocal range. Just like me, you can add at least an octave to your range. I know it.

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