Singing Tips Higher Vocal Range

"Learn How To Access Your High Notes Easily"

Need singing tips higher vocal range? Let's take a look at how you can discover your higher notes...

How can you learn to sing high notes?

And be able to hit any high note easily, and with excellent quality?

And be able to sustain this note for as long as you like, with as much power as you like?

And how can you do this with the same ease as in talking?


Some interesting questions!

Is any of this possible?

You bet it is! But it takes a little discipline and patience as does everything worth doing.

Ok. The key to doing all these things is learning how to get into your upper vocal registers. There are two important upper vocal registers. They are called:

  • your mixed voice
  • and your head voice

These are the two vocal registers that you sing all of your high notes in.

The mixed vocal register is the more “commercial” sounding vocal register. It blends together the power, depth, and tone of the lower part of your range (your chest voice), and the sweetness and purity of the higher part of your range (your head voice).

Learning how to access your mixed voice is the most important thing if you want to hit powerful high notes with great tone quality.

If you can master this blending of vocal registers, you will have mastered your voice.

This is a vital singing tip for a higher vocal range. If you truly understand and learn how to blend your vocal registers, your voice will be truly outstanding.

So how do you master this?

Well, it’s actually much easier than it sounds.

You need to do exercises that train your voice to automatically “shift gears” and move into your mixed voice and your head voice.

There are very specific exercises that are highly effective at doing this. They “teach” your voice how to access your mixed vocal register and your head vocal register by making silly little noises.

While silly sounding, these exercises work a tremendous amount of coordination into your neurological system. As you practice more and more you begin to recognize what it feels like to sing in your mixed voice and your head voice.

Once you know what it feels like to hit high notes this way, it’s easy to come back to it whenever you want.

It’s sort of like riding a bike or driving a car. It’s a little difficult and strange at first, but with the right training you get used to the feeling of “riding” or “driving”.

After a while you have mastered the skill, and things are easy.

It’s the same with singing high notes. Once you master the skill of singing in your upper vocal registers, it becomes easy.

As I mentioned earlier, there are very specific exercises that you must practice to learn how to navigate to these upper vocal registers (mixed and head voice).

I’ve tried many vocal methods, but the only one that could “teach” me to hit high notes with no strain, and rich tone was the one that uses the exercises that I’ve described to you.

If you would like to learn this method also, you can find these singing tips and exercises for a higher vocal range on this page. As you investigate the website, notice the high profile clients that have given testimonials. I’m sure you will recognize the names! They are very well known artists.

The reason that these artists use this technique is because it is tremendously effective. I used the same method to master my voice and I’ve never come across a more effective technique. If you are serious about mastering your voice, be sure to check it out. In the program you will find hundreds of highly effective singing tips for a higher vocal range.


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