Effective Method To
Increasing Vocal Range

A large, powerful vocal range is the dream of every singer. Increasing vocal range is both possible, and actually easy when you know how. To find out how, read on...

Firstly, let me say..... You can extend your vocal range..... dramatically. To do this you need the right training.... Exercises that target very specific muscles in your larynx (voice box that sits in your throat).

By developing these muscles (known as the inner larynx of the muscles) they will learn how to "zip up" as you sing higher. When your vocal chords "zip up" or "shorten", less of the vocal chords are left free to vibrate. It is now easier for the chords to vibrate faster.....

........And this means you can hit higher notes, with ease.

How much air do you need to vibrate the vocal chords once they have shortened? That's right....... less air!

It takes less air to sing higher notes.

It's a dangerous myth that "more support" is needed to sing higher notes. Because "support" is often mistaken for "more air". The result is singers blasting their vocal chords with air as they try and reach for their high notes.....

When you send too much air, you will have grave vocal problems. The muscles around your larynx (your swallowing muscles) become active every time you send too much air to your vocal chords. This is the main cause of vocal strain. To avoid this, you must use exercises that teach you to regulate your air supply.

To Sing Those Stunning High Notes, You Need The Right Exercises...

There are exercises that will do all this for you......They will...

  1. (force you to) regulate the air supply to the correct amount.
  2. Make it easy for your vocal chords to "zip up", giving you access to those spectacular high notes!
  3. Balance your vocal resonance (which I haven't discussed here, but is important to get your best tone quality)

The speech level singing method contains exercises that will help you do all this, and more. It is the technique used by the majority of the singers you hear on the radio.

This method of learning is the most effective way of increasing vocal range.

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Learn the secrets of increasing vocal range

A powerful, wide vocal range is probably the most sought after singing quality.

It is exciting and gives you more freedom to express yourself.

It's kind of like watching the basketball player that has an amazing vertical leap, or the golfer that can drive the ball hundreds of yards. People love hearing those stunning high notes!

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