What's "Blocking" You From Your Best Singing?


Nutritional checklist:

1. Did I eat something irritating? (Remember, pepperoni, late nights, and reflux go together like old friends.)
2. Have I been eating poorly for several days now? (garbage in, garbage out)
3. Have I taken my supplements? (I sometimes forget, so you probably do too.)
4. Have I forgotten my Calli tea? (This, I hardly ever forget.)
5. Am I hungry? (Singing uses energy. You need to have fuel.)

Emotional checklist:

1. Sad?
2. Mad?
3. Lonely?
4. Angry?
5. Hurt?
6. Detached?
7. Discouraged?
8. Frustrated?
9. Victim?
10. Overwhelmed?

Awareness checklist:

1. What issue is "pecking" at my thoughts? (Itchy thoughts can make an itchy throat.)
2. Is there a distraction that I should deal with first? (take care of business)
3. Is there some unfinished mental task? (Get it down on paper if necessary, so it will leave you alone long enough to sing.)

Technical checklist:

1. Morning warm-up routine (lip rolls, edge, hum)
2. Deal with rough spots in range
3. Replace lyrics with appropriate exercise sounds if need be (my program walks you through this, as you may know.)

Spiritual checklist:

1. What weighs on my conscience?
2. Face it
3. Confess it to God
4. Ask for forgiveness
5. Forgive any and all grudges against others